Beyond the Pale by C. Michelle McCarty

The Blake family ranks high on the social registry of small town Brenhaven, Georgia, but skeletons lurk in the closet. Young Brooks has been at odds with her mother long before her father’s fatal automobile accident leaves them blaming each other, so it comes as no surprise when “Mommie Dearest” hands Brooks mega bucks to disappear indefinitely. But her move from mansion to mobile home brings life changing revelations as Brooks gets snubbed by former friends with money and embraced by those of meager means, from protective gay couple Aidan and Geoff, sweet but promiscuous Robyn who traipses about in a ratty rabbit jacket, hard-working caretaker Joy whose handsome husband Russell chats with milk cartons, to problematic Kevin whose gracious mother Violet showers Brooks with unconditional maternal love that carves an indelible mark on her soul.